Pickup/Delivery policy: Lazo’s Caning & Wicker will provide free pickup/delivery of 3 or more items and or large items in the Houston and surrounding areas.

Lazo’s Furniture Home Policy: Lazo’s Caning and Wicker may store customer furniture for up to 90 days after customer contact. Furniture held after 90 days may be sold if not contacted by customer in regards to picking up their furniture. Lazo’s Caning & Wicker is not a storage facility for your furniture and once complete we recommend after being contacted by Lazo’s to plan a pick-up.

Payment policy: Lazo’s Caning & Wicker accepts all payment forms as we accept cash, check, debit and credit (MasterCard, visa, discover, American Express)

Other Services

Danish Cord
Shaker Tape
Splint Reed
Flat Reed
Recliner Repair
Couch Repair
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Pick Up and Delivery (on 3 or more items)
Free One Way Shipping
Free Estimates by E-Mail

We specialize in restoration and refinishing of Heywood-Wakefield antique furniture. Do you have an old family antique wicker furniture that has been in the basement or attic for years and your thinking about throwing it away? Don’t!! let us take a look at it and we guarantee we can bring life back to that beautiful piece of furniture that means so much to you.

Quote/Estimate policy

  • Online: Lazo’s can provide online quotes on some items if you send a clear photo of damaged areas and some details via our email, or Facebook Messenger.
  • On-Site: Some furniture might need to be seen personally for quotes due to the complexity of the repairs.

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