Tips for your Caning & Wicker furniture

Wicker is a term that refers to the general weaving of natural materials into various items such as baskets, chairs and furniture and even airplane seats at one point. The natural materials used throughout the years for weaving wicker were and still are the popular rattan, bulrush, cattail, and sea-grass, etc. What made wicker so popular was the intricate designs and patterns and the natural feel and appearance it added to any home along with being fairly light and inexpensive. Over time, wicker can become brittle and dry therefore leading to damage and cause for repair. Below are tips for taking care of that old wicker and caning you may have in your home.

  • keep your wicker in areas that are cool and dry. Areas with direct sunlight and presence of heat can brittle the wicker and lead to damage
  • Painted wicker items usually have the most damage because the paint tends to dry out the strands by suffocating the material. Wicker is made of natural plant materials that need to breathe and hydrate and we see large coats of paint on many wicker pieces so with wicker we recommend natural finishes for durability.
  • sagging or loose caning & wicker will lead to strands breaking that compromise the seat. If you feel it sag, apply some warm water and give it 24 hours to re-hydrate and regain that memory tension.
  • you can also apply lemon oil to your caning and wicker on the bottom side to keep it from becoming brittle, this can help the wicker last many years. We like to use Old English lemon oil, you can purchase at hardware stores and its a great product for your wood and wicker.
  • for your rush furniture, if you have natural rush you can apply boiled linseed oil with a bristle brush to the top of the seat and bottom of the seat for moisture sealer and protection. It also gives the rush a nice sheen finish. If you have a paper rush seat, we recommend that you apply shellac for sealer with a bristle brush.
        • Most of this info is sourced from The complete guide to chair caning by Jim Widess.

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Lazo’s Caning & Wicker, Inc. is your one-stop furniture repair and restoration choice in Houston, TX and surrounding areas. Aside from providing exceptional furniture repair and restoration services, Lazo’s commitment to customer service and making sure that our customers are satisfied and happy with our work is why Lazo’s has been open for many years in the Bay Area, California and now Houston, TX. Lazo’s is your one-stop furniture repair and restoration in Houston due to Lazo’s 35 years experience restoring furniture and his expertise in wicker unmatched along with the many services offered by Lazo’s such as; wicker repair, caning, upholstery, refinishing, rush, wood repair, touch-up, rattan, reed, splint, danish cord, sea-grass, painting, shaker tape, rawhide, custom and more. Bring that attic furniture down to Lazo’s Caning & Wicker and get a free quote.

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Lazo’s Caning & Wicker, Inc. is your one stop furniture repair & restoration for many reasons but none more important than our commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction. If you are interested in a quote. Contact us and learn more about how we can get you a free quote!

Lazo’s Caning & Wicker offers many services for your furniture: wood re-glue & repair, refinishing, wood touch-up, painting, caning, upholstery, rattan, wicker, paper rush, natural rush, french rush, shaker tape, chair weaving, danish cord weaving, sea-grass weaving, fabrics & more…

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Lazo’s Upholstery

At Lazo’s Caning & Wicker, Inc. we do more than just caning, wicker, refinishing and wood repair. Lazo’s offers upholstery services for your furniture throughout Houston & surrounding areas: The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, Kingwood, Katy, and more. We can recover your couch, sofa, sectional, chairs, and more. We also re-stuff cushions, pillows and can re-stitch torn items. At Lazo’s, we also recover outdoor furniture so if you have patio furniture in need of new fabric, contact us today!

Interested in upholstery? contact us about upholstery and receive a quote the same day. At Lazo’s storefront in Spring, TX we offer a variety of fabrics from recycled leather, faux leather, vinyl, krypton, micro-fibers, and so much more. Looking for durable, strong and stain resistant fabric, visit to view the variety of choices we offer. Our multi-purpose fabrics can be used for many different applications such as; marine, hospitality, outdoor, indoor, commercial and residential.

Lazo’s does offer free pickup/delivery of 3 or more items so if your interested in upholstery and have 3 or more items. Contact us today!

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