Mr. Lazo prides himself on personal attention, high customer service, and unique pieces dated back to the 1800’s. He also specializes in repairing American designer pieces from Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Rattan Company. Lazo’s Caning & Wicker, Inc. provides custom furniture manufacturing and reproduction of unique and rare pieces. Before you disregard the valuable piece of furniture that you thought would not be repairable, we encourage you to consult with us.

Roberto Lazo was born in Chontales, Nicaragua. In 1979,the military forcefully removed him from his family to fight the country’s civil war. Lazo was against the war and after a short period as a soldier. In 1983, he moved to Granada where he was introduced to his cousin’s wicker fabrication company( Mimbreria Ramirez). After two years working at the mimbreria, Lazo had learned to weave and wrap wicker strand by strand, twist after twist. Soon After, what had been work became a hobby for Lazo, weaving and twisting wicker at home on his days off.

Lazo left Nicaragua 6 years later to pursue work opportunities. The San Francisco Bay Area, California became his new home. In 1990, his brother-in-law took him to Berkeley where he was introduced to The Caning Shop and the owner, Jim Widess. The Caning shop repaired all types of caning and weaving. Lazo was once again a student learning new skills and abilities. He remembered a day while working when a client brought in a wicker chair for repair. Jim had told the customer they did not do wicker. The next day Lazo told Jim to call the customer back and tell him there was someone who could repair wicker. Wicker wasn’t a problem for Lazo. In fact, it was his specialty. He repaired the wicker chair that had earlier been labeled irreparable. He would go on spending his free time in the garage weaving and mastering his craft, becoming skillful and efficient. The attention to detail, along with his work ethic, was recognized. Lazo was later given the teaching position at the shop. After 11 years of perfecting the craft of caning furniture at The Caning Shop, Lazo left to pursue his dream of owning his own business.

Lazo’s Caning & Repair opened in 2001 in San Leandro, CA. His variety of services garnered many clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Lazo also built relationships with interior designers. His work and art led to local awards for best customer satisfaction and outstanding service. In 2006, several of Lazo’s woven chairs were pictured in Gary Knox Bennett’s book, Call me Chairmaker. In the summer of 2006, Lazo moved with his family to the longhorn state of Texas. Lazo’s Caning & Wicker opened in the fall of 2007 and now proudly serves the Houston area. Lazo is also training his boys in some aspects of the business. Even though the name of his business has changed, his commitment to outstanding and exceptional furniture repair and customer service along with guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction remains the same.

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